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for Utah Senate:
Because You Matter

Candidate for the Republican Nomination

Are you happy with the growing limitations on our freedoms to speak, think and act according to our conscience?  Will you stand up with me to stop the political manipulation and attacks on the family as the basic unit of our society? There comes a time in all our lives when we have to stand for what is right.  If we do not, we are passively supporting what is wrong. It's time to put the people's voice above politics and special interests.  "A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have" Thomas Jefferson.

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Why I am running

      I debated on whether to run for public office for a very long time because, contrary to popular belief, I do not consider running for office to be either a glamorous or beautiful experience.  Rather it is an opening for personal attacks, slander and potentially dangerous situations, especially in our current social and political atmosphere, but the more time has passed, and the more I self-searched, the more I felt the responsibility to do so.

      I was born and raised in Italy, a beautiful country in the southern part of Europe full of art and history, with one, in my opinion, serious problem: it’s a socialist country.  I saw firsthand the impact this type of government brings to people, families, how people truly live and what kind of future the younger generation, as well as the rest of the population have, regardless of what governmental sources or news propaganda say and report. Vacationing in one country is very different than actually living there.

      When I took my oath of allegiance and became a United States citizen I was very much aware of my responsibility. I chose, as an adult, to love and defend my new home. I promised to defend the constitution of the United States, not only from foreign enemies but also domestic ones, and it feels like the time to keep my promise has arrived. Reflecting on all I have been given, and it’s a lot, I feel it’s my time now to give back, especially since I know firsthand the freedoms we can lose, which we cannot afford to lose, in this fight. We are fighting a different type of war that cannot be fought with a traditional approach.

      In my 20 plus years of living here I have seen a dramatic shift on so many levels. Rights and liberties are being attacked and restricted such as the freedom of speech and opinion. At times the freedom to worship according to our conscience is being attacked.  Parental rights are shrinking by the day while our obligations are rising exponentially. The traditional nuclear family as the basic unity of society has been undermined and efforts to continue to further destroy it are already in motion.

      My American dream has been full of many different experiences so far.  Experiences that have ranged from learning a new language and how to maneuver and adapt to a new culture to hard discrimination from some people for the way I speak and think. Even with the many difficulties, heartaches and failures I have experienced along the way though, I have also met many great people who had the patience and love to teach me the true American Spirit and the beauty of freedom that can unleash the potential each one of us has and allow us to become the people we are meant to be.

      What I have learned so far is that no society is perfect, but the beauty of America is that even with many imperfections, every man and woman can become what he or she wants to be through hard work, integrity and accountability.  Life can seriously drag us down over and over, I’ve been there, but it’s up to us to get back up and try again and again day after day until we succeed and that freedom to reinvent, reevaluate and restart ourselves is what sets apart America from the rest of the world.  It is because these possibilities, opportunities and freedoms we have enjoyed are under attack, not just for our children’s and our grandchildren’s generations anymore, but because they are already under attack in this very moment in history, that I decided to run for office. Standing for what is right is not just a saying to me but a way of life.

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