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What I Believe

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What I Believe - Spanish Version

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Mother of 3 children who are everything to me.
Proud wife of Bruce Young who served in the Marine Corps and Clearfield city Council

Proud granddaughter of a Partisan of WWII who fought in the resistance against the oppression from the Fascist and Nazi regimes and to protect innocent victims including the Jewish community (mother’s side).

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Proud granddaughter of a man who risked his and his families lives to save and hide an American Soldier during WWII whose plane was shot down in Italy by the Fascists.  He was the only one in his village who spoke English because he spent time previously working in the US.  He even came to Utah working on the railroad. (father’s side).

Proud daughter in law of a Vietnam War veteran.  He spent 24 years serving our country in the US Air Force, sacrificing with his family moving around the US and abroad.

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BA Political Science/Criminal Justice
Cum Laude
Weber State University

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When I made this country my home I wanted to learn as much as possible. I took my privilege of voting as sacred and as a huge responsibility.  This is why I decided to study Political Science and Criminal Justice in college.

I needed to learn the history of my new home, the Constitution from the inside out and the judicial system.  The more I learned the more I wanted to learn. I combined my knowledge from my European studies, such as the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, European wars, the forms and changes to the economies and governments of Europe with American history to create a greater understanding of the impacts of the principles of Liberty, Freedom and Justice on society. 

This country set the example through its inspired Constitution and Declaration of Independence that have benefited the world, and Europe in particular.  However, as Europe has moved from that influence and pursued evermore socialistic philosophies in government, which unfortunately we see being implemented here now as well, economies and societies have begun to fail as individual liberties are being taken by governments.

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